1. New Nirvana

From the recordings Halo Above Her and New Nirvana

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Music and Lyrics by Jay Clemens and Rachel Efron
Produced by Rachel Efron
Vocals: Jay Clemens and Rachel Efron
Guitar: James DePrato
Drums: Jason Slota
Bass: Daniel Fabricant
Keys: Omree Gal-Oz
Trumpet and Flugelhorn: Erik Jekabson
Trombone: Rob Ewing
Brass Arrangements: Erik Jekabson
Mixing: Reto Peter
Mastering: Ken Lee
Recorded at 25th St. Recording by Gabriel Shepard



Drivin’ my taxi in old Beijing.
All jammed up on the second ring.
Got no money, got no soul.
Got no noodles in my bowl.
See the monks by the temple stairs.
Saffron robed millionaires.
Read your fortune for a thousand yuan.
They don’t say much.
So you do it again.

New Nirvana.
Silk Pajamas.
New Nirvana.
Know you wanna.

Sleepin’ in my back seat.
Dream of Buddha, with golden teeth.
Don’t read the sutras, won’t count the beads.
An eight-foot flatscreen is all I need.
Incense smokin’ in my eyes.
Promo for the holy guys.
Keep teeling me to seek the thing.
Enlighten me.
With some diamond bling.

New Nirvana.
Silk Pajamas.
New Nirvana.
Know you wanna.
Oakley glasses.
Backstage passes.
Custom eyelids.
Hanfu outfits.
Gucci handbags.
Bootleg soundtracks.