Release of "Falling in Love on Zoom"

This song was forged in the heart of the Covid Pandemic when almost all social activities had to be redirected to the Zoom platform.  During this time, Rachel Efron conducted her songwriting salons on Zoom, and held a final on-line “party” for participants to celebrate their new work.  I wrote the first draft of this song as a light-hearted send-off to all my salon-mates on Zoom.  Their response was encouraging so I continued working on the song with Rachel and submitted it to a few national songwriting contests.  

As of today, the song has won first prize in the Special Music category of the Great American Song Contest and finalist honors in the USA Songwriting Competition.  The lyrics of the song are definitely over-the-top, featuring highly improbable rhymes and a satirical jaunt through the Zoom experience.  But what makes it really special are the vocal stylings of Scotty Wright, the phenomenal solos by violinist Evan Price and pianist Omree Gal-Oz, and the high energy rhythmic contributions of Daniel Fabricant (bass), James DePrato (guitar), and Jason Slota (drums).  Thanks to all of these tremendous musicians and to Rachel for her many contributions to the song and her production work.  It was a blast!


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