The Making of “Halo Above Her”

This song was created during the heart of the COVID pandemic, at a time when so many people found themselves unexpectedly thrust into the role of caregiver.  I saw so many friends and acquaintances weighed down with the responsibility of caring for family members who had succumbed to serious illness.  Lives were upended, dreams were dashed, and many found themselves exhausted, searching for relief.  In “Halo Above Her,” the singer expresses his concern and love for a woman trapped in similarly tragic circumstances.   Like her, so many others in our lives deserve our love, comfort, and support.  

I was honored when Maurice Tani agreed to sing this song on my album and also included it on his most recent release, “All In!”  I love both arrangements, and encourage you to listen to both.  The arrangements are dramatically different in orchestration and approach, but they both beautifully capture the essence of the song.  Huge thanks go to Rachel Efron, who co-wrote the song with me, produced it, sang background vocals, and recruited Maurice to do the lead vocal on our track.  And thanks to Maurice and his incredible group of collaborators at the Little Village Foundation, who created a stunning soundscape for the song.   A special word of thanks to DaShawn Hickman on pedal steel guitar, Jim Pugh on organ, and the Sons of the Soul Revivers on background vocals.  I couldn’t be more thrilled with the results.

“Halo Above Her” was recently named a semi-finalist in the Songwriters Guild of America’s country music competition.  I hope you enjoy it.       


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